Bad omens easily defeated

I woke up this morning about 15 minutes before my alarm rang at 7:45am from a horrible nightmare about my 15 year old brother. Being the superstitious, worried sister that I am, I figured it was a bad omen. I am absolutely one to let something like that hang over my head, so I laid in bed for awhile longer and took some deep breaths. After all, the energies you put into the universe inevitably come right back to you… so I wanted to flip-flop my negativity in order to get the most out of my first day of classes in Spain. Satur helped switch the mood. “Hijas! Hijas!” she exclaimed, begging us to chow down on some toast, jam and butter before throwing our backpacks over our shoulders and heading out the door.

Just a bit of coffee and I was feeling better. Despite missing my brother and wishing I could call and make sure he was safe, I was able to focus on Arturo’s orientation. He talked to us about safety, manners, the history and geography of Spain… basically everything we would have to know moving forward. An interesting note: shoes must be worn at all times when at home… pretty much the opposite of US manners. Also, I will no longer take a purse out on the town, and now I know some of the tricks of the trade when I cross paths with suspicious gypsies or expert pick pocketers.

We were welcomed to the city by Salamanca’s head of tourism who gave a speech and let us lout onto the balcony of City Hall which overlooks the Plaza Mayor. City Hall is a palace. The Plaza Mayor is gorgeous.

A bit of a roadblock happened later in the day when a classmate and I wanted to pitch the same news story to Carlene. At first, I was nervous and frustrated that I wouldn’t be able to write about what I really was interested in. I figured the omen from earlier that morning was baring its teeth. Communication, as always, solved everything. We came to a conclusion that will hopefully pan out really well for our first story. Everyone on this trip is truly in it together, we all want to succeed and we all want to see each other succeed. It’s so refreshing to know that I am surrounded by mature, driven adults who are approaching this program with a professional goal.

Carly and I are sitting in our room blogging right now, waiting for 10:15pm to roll around so we can meet the rest of the group for ice cream in the Plaza! Hasta Luego!


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