The Flight and Drive to Salamanca

24 hours in Spain already feels like a lifetime. The flight from Boston Logan Airport to Madrid lasted around 6 and a half surprisingly quick hours. The kind and extremely attractive Spanish man sitting next to me let me have the window seat, so I was able to snap a few photos while simultaneously sobbing my way through Philip Seymour Hoffman´s performance in the 2007 film The Savages. Image

We arrived in Madrid during the wee hours of Tuesday, May 6th. I found the city´s clusters of lights particularly fascinating and different from New York City or Boston´s  aerial view as the groupings are separated from each other, whereas New York and Boston seem like fluid oceans of lights. I snapped a quick photo while listening to Joaquin Phoenix fall in love with his computer played by Scarlett Johansson in the 2013 film Her.


The bus ride from Madrid´s airport to Salamanca was an incredible first impression of the country.  I found myself fighting to stay awake just to catch every second of the scenery: the ruins, cattle, mountains, miles of perfect green grass… between the beauty and jetlag it was hard to tell if I was dreaming or not.


I was about half way through the song ¨Wordless Chorus¨by My Morning Jacket as we passed this scene… pure bliss.



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