Too Many Selfies

Last night was a blast. We had our own bar crawl through four different bars around Salamanca. Delicious tapas were accompanied by wine, sangria and beer… by the end of the crawl we were all giggles and smiles. I took probably way too many selfies last night, including this one underneath a bicycle ceiling:


 After Carlene, Maria and Ramon (el jefe of our school) decided to call it a night after the last bar, the rest of us went out for awhile longer. We stumbled upon a Futurama-themed bar that played American music and felt right at home. More selfies to illustrate the scene:

We met a couple of promoters in the Plaza after we left the Futurama bar and they took us to a place which was a bit closer to where Carly and I live. The bartender was a super cute Spaniard who spoke English so I was pretty content even though the bar was basically empty. We got home really late… thankfully Carlene started class a little later this morning or else I would have been exhausted and dehydrated from all the vino.

This afternoon I went with Gina to the bullfighting museum to see if I could speak to anyone about a profile I am working on about a bullfighter or trainer. A man named Pablo pointed me to La Diputacion de Salamanca to talk to some administrators of the bullfighting school who might be able to coordinate an interview with a bullfighter or trainer. A very helpful woman named Jesus at La Diputacion’s information desk told me that an administrator would call me once they returned from lunch, and about 45 minutes later they did! I am going back on Monday to talk to somebody, fingers crossed an interview comes out of our conversation. I was extremely nervous over the phone, but I think meeting in person on Monday will be more comfortable and I’ll be able to use my Spanish correctly and confidently.

I have two Skype interviews on Monday and Tuesday for co-op positions, both at 10pm… and my deadline for this profile will likely fall a day or so later. Next week will be nerve-racking, but I’m trying to stay positive because so much good can and will come out of each challenge no matter the outcome. In about a half an hour we will be attending a flamenco class, stay tuned!


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