“Luck is believing you’re lucky, that’s all”

About 4 or 5 years ago I was shopping with my mom and aunt around Easton, Maryland and was immediately drawn to this bracelet:


It says: Luck is believing you’re lucky, that’s all. I often find myself constantly doubting my abilities, constantly putting myself lower on the totem pole in comparison to my peers and my dreams. When I picked this bracelet up, I guess I thought that wearing it would give me some sort of peace, some sort of hope and confidence. When I feel like I am unworthy of my dreams and I can’t possibly match the skill of those around me, I think about the quote on the bracelet and try to think positively. Of course, none of us can always be happy, so we must let the anxiety, sadness and frustration run their course… and that’s normal. Once we accept those emotions and feel them fully, we can let them go and make room for that “belief in luck.”

Lately, luck has been all around me. Maria, Shandana and I went to a bullfighting ring to interview a young matador this morning. Even though I was feeling extremely stressed and mad at myself because Carly and I slept through our alarms and arrived 20 minutes late to class, I tried to ride out the emotions and not let them affect the rest of my day. I let myself feel the negative emotions and then let them go, replacing them with hope and excitement.  I knew I had to get a killer interview with this matador.

Luck came pouring in… the interview was incredible. I felt like a real, professional journalist. Granted, having Maria and Shandana there made a world of difference. It was a team effort and we killed it. I felt so comfortable asking questions, most of them just spilled out as I thought of them. I felt like the matador wanted to talk and was giving us everything we wanted. I envision a very professional, kickass profile coming very soon, and I am so excited that I can express this kind of self confidence. Most times I feel unsure and hesitant during interviews and life in general. I never have complete confidence in myself, but this interview was different. This trip has been different. I feel more solid. Luck is believing you’re lucky… if you think you can, you often will. If you make an effort to breathe steadily and center your mood, you will accomplish your goals. If you get frustrated, ride it out. If you are sad, ride it out. Let yourself be whatever you are, and the right things will fall into place. Believe and you will receive.


The young matador and one of his practice bulls:


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