Hello Madrid

We have arrived in Madrid! I wish I could have blogged before this, but wi-fi at our homestay in Salamanca was so shot… and I was so focused on completing my story that blogging went down on my list of priorities. Saying goodbye to Salamanca was hard. I already miss how relaxed and peaceful the environment was and how easy it was to get around.

Madrid is completely different so far. Carly and I are living in an apartment with two other American girls, one lives right outside of DC and went to Georgetown Visitation for high school! I definitely played her in field hockey… such a small world. We have single rooms in our apartment which is amazing, my room is humongous. I slept for 12 hours last night and am feeling so much better. I had a killer sore throat last night and wanted to die, but luckily sleep and water have paid off. I just have the sniffles now, hopefully ill be 100% again later this afternoon.

We walked around Madrid’s Plaza del Sol, Plaza Mayor and the Palacio Real last night. Even though the sky was overcast and the weather was not the best, the city is still so magnificent and regal. The palace… unreal. I’m going to go back soon when the weather is nicer and add photos to this post. 

We went to Mercado de San Miguel which was basically a mecca for Spanish cuisine. I had seafood based tapas, one was mussels over a slice of bread and the other was smoked salmon will dill sauce over bread, GOD SENT. The cheese station was overwhelming. Brie and raspberry on a cracker… gouda, parmesan, etc. For dessert, a caramel crepe. Some green tea to finish off a perfect meal. I love this city.


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