Spooky encounters at the Palacio de Linares

Bullfighter profile: 1544. Word count: 800-1000. This profile is allllllright, it definitely could use some tuning but the info, sources, and quotes are all there. I’m so pumped to have my second story done, and if all goes well with the EU election coverage on Sunday, I could possibly have my third and final story done soon. Feeling good. Just got off the phone with the young matador’s manager, and he gave me some great quotes to fill out my profile. Today has been a good day so far!

Tomorrow we vamanos to Toledo for an excursion and I’m very excited. Apparently there’s some good shopping so I’m going gift-hunting and gypy-pants hunting. Pics to come.

If I have time for a fourth article, I want to pitch “Haunted Madrid”, just a fun series of snapshots of supposedly haunted places in Madrid. The idea sprouted after our visit to Casa de Amèrica yesterday. The diplomatic association Casa de Amèrica was established in 1992 through the Madrid City Council to help Spain better their relationships with the Americas. Casa de Amèrica functions in the Palacio de Linares, a gorgeous old palace built for the Marquess and Marcioness of Linares in the late 19th century. I wish I could have taken some pics, but they didn’t allow it. I’ll attach some from the web because it was way way too beautiful.

Anyway, I had a dream the night/morning before this tour that all of us on the trip were staying in this huge castle. There were some ghosts involved, a scary basement, etc., and when we went to the castle… it was exactly like the dream. I was freaking out. Also in the dream someone who I don’t remember now told me that my grandparents’ house was haunted. When we took a tour of the palace, the tour guide showed us the “smoking room” which my grandparents also have in their house. Just too weird. Later in the tour, the tour guide said that the palace is supposedly haunted. At this point I was SURE that my dream had been a premonition, so I thought that it would be cool to ask more about the supposed “ghost” of the Palacio de Linares and see if any other Palaces in Madrid were haunted. The tour guide told me the story of the ghost and said that Madrid absolutely has more “hauntings” that I should check out. Gonna try to pitch it to Carlene once my profile piece and election story are done. Wish me luck!

Here are some photos I found of the Palacio de Linares


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May 23, 2014 · 1:43 pm

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