Real Madrid fans sure brought the ruckus

What an amazing weekend. Saturday was perfect weather for a day trip to Toledo, a cute little town with very small streets and great shopping. People dressed in medieval clothes paraded around the town singing and playing instruments. There were so many stores selling medieval swords and chainmail armour and lots of Lord of the Rings memorabilia. The streets were narrow and covered by tan tapestry squares which gave the town an old-timey feel. The shops ranged from swanky boutiques to small stores dedicated to knives, swords and daggers. I had a blast going into some of the artisan pottery shops and cute little boutiques to find gifts and memorabilia.



Last night was even more incredible. I can’t believe that we were here for one of Madrid’s biggest soccer games in history- both teams from right in the city. Real Madrid came back to kick Athletico’s booty, and the aftermath was mind boggling. The girls in our group went out early around 9pm to get to the Real Madrid fountain with enough time to be right in the madness if they won. It took us forever to squeeze our way past a million drunk Spaniards to get into a bar near the fountain, but when we did it was totally worth it. Everyone in the bar was ecstatic, screaming bloody murder for Real Madrid. I talked to a guy and his godfather who were from Philly and Chicago and visiting Madrid for vacation- they said they hadn’t seen any sort of chaos like that of Real Madrid fans.

After Real Madrid won, we ran to the fountain. There were some people there, but not many. The reporters from our group who were covering the game ended up running into us at the fountain, so we were able to see them in action reporting and surveying the insane fanbase. A DJ came onstage and suddenly the area around the fountain was packed full. INSANITY. A Spanish fan let me wear his Real Madrid scarf, but I had to return it later… to my dismay it was not a gift. Ugh.

After a couple hours of dancing and cheering for Real Madrid’s victory, I started to get overwhelmed by the crowd, so we vacated as fast as we could (not very fast considering thousands of fans were packed tightly at the fountain for as far as the eyes could see). Luckily Carly and I found Olivia and Shandana and we proceeded to scale the city to find a cab. We encountered a lot of interesting people on the streets, very intoxicated and very excited for their champion soccer team. I wish I had pictures, but I left my phone at home so that it wouldn’t get taken. Regretting it a lot right now, but at least my phone is safe.

Carly, Amanda and I hit the polls today to report for our election coverage story. 54 Spanish seats for the European Union will be announced tonight after today’s voting. We got so many good anecdotes, and expect to interview some experts before our deadline tomorrow. We are currently working in Amanda’s apartment right now to get the ball rolling. So pumped to have this story done and hopefully my bullfighter profile as well. The bullfighter package will be awesome… very excited. 3/3 stories almost done!!! Hoping to pitch a fourth soon. Viva Madrid!!!


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May 25, 2014 · 4:35 pm

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