Today we visited Prisa, the largest radio station in Madrid. We sat in on a radio show about recent issues on the streets of Madrid and met Christina who runs the Top 40 station. She was a fashionable young bubbly radio host who was willing to answer questions for Shandana and Carly about their articles having to do with the music industry. Her office overlooked the city and she seemed quite in love with her career. The whole visit inspired me to consider radio as a possible career path. The news radio seemed much more stressful than the Top 40 station… at one point a woman who was just on the air left in an angry rush to fight with the producer in the control room.







Last night we went to El Tigre, an authentic small tapas place where you can get a massive drink and plates of tapas for 6 euros. The croquettes… Sangria… Jamon… Mojitos…. Droooool. I definitely want to go back soon seeing as food has been breaking my bank way too much.

I’m leaving in a few minutes to help Shandana interview a young Spanish rocker from an underground rock group. I’m excited to be able to run around with people and help with their stories now that I’m done with mine. I’m here if anyone needs me!!


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