Time’s movin’ fast, folks!

This morning we visited the RNE, Spain’s national radio, which is pretty much the NPR of Spain. We watched a lively male radio talk show, visited control rooms, and smaller radio rooms which lined the corridors of RNE’s massive building. It was fascinating to see how many different stations and programs were being worked on and how many people were working on these programs. Radio seems to thrive in Madrid in comparison to Salamanca, where we visited a near-empty city radio station. The RNE was much more established and felt like a really great place to work.

TV stations ranging from news talk shows to Spain’s version of E! News were attached to the RNE. We were lucky enough to watch a bit of some of the segments and take photos on the Spanish equivalent of the US E! News set. I really enjoyed this visit… It made me miss my co-op at MSNBC and got me excited to possibly dabble in radio in the future.

Three more full days in Spain… so sad. This time has gone by so fast, I can’t believe that on Tuesday we will all part ways and go on with our summers back in the US. It feels like an alternate universe here- I think it’s going to be difficult to adjust back to US customs and being able to have my iPhone all the time again. I have loved being disconnected from life back home. Experiencing a new place with new friends has been really good for me, I feel like a more confident journalist and person in general. Spain has been comfortable, relaxed, and at the same time perpetually exciting. I’m sad to end my time here with all of my new friends, but I know that going home will allow for a whole new slew of amazing opportunities… And I’ll have this experience to reference and take along with me through all my new adventures.


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