Mom learns a lesson: don’t mess with a talented young lad!

Were sitting in the bar listening to an Irish trio: a woman on accordion and a woman on bagpipes while a younger “lad” plays percussion beside them. Olivia, my younger cousin stands and Irish dances along with them. She does a fabulous job, and in turn my mom jokes with the younger percussionist boy to get up and dance his own jig. He stretches, prepares, and rises. All of a sudden his feet start racing, his upper half stiff and focused as his legs pick up in pace. By the end of his dance we’re all in shock. “He’s third in the world,” said the accordion player. Go figure, sure taught my mom a lesson for messing around with a young lad.

Hopefully a video to come… It’s hard to upload while I’m on my mobile. Here are some photos of the trio in the meantime.




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June 27, 2014 · 8:49 pm

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