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First Dinner

Arturo Jarque, founder and CEO of our program Active Learning Abroad, took usĀ out to a very swanky Salamancan restaurant Vida & Comida where we celebrated over delicious wine and unique food. The menu contained a four-course appetizer selection and a choice of a main dish. The appetizers were salad with calamari, poached eggs with mushrooms and ham, an octopus platter, and prawns with risotto made from squid ink. Although intimidating at first, each appetizer was incredible.

For the main course I had ox tail which pretty much tasted like ribs. The sauce tasted like liquified plums, so rich and fruity. Conversing with Arturo made me feel so comfortable, he talked to us about his time in Baton Rouge studying for his Masters degree and his 8 year old daughter. Good wine, good food, good friends… a perfect welcome dinner with a group that I truly feel comfortable around.




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