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University of Salamanca could be a movie set

I’m feeling a little anxious. We leave for Madrid in less than a week which means I need to get both of my Salamancan-based stories done before Tuesday. I’m making good progress I think, but finding sources today was a challenge. I got probably two or three useful sources, but the others were pretty unsuccessful. I had a blast exploring the city by myself. I walked around an open air market on my way back to the school and found a woman selling crystals. I like to carry a few crystals around with me wherever I go, so it was comforting to find some today. I didn’t buy anything, but it was still nice to be around the energies and feel connected to the earth for a bit… it made me feel a little less anxious.

Our host mother had our clean clothes laid out on our beds when we arrived home for dinner. She is the absolute sweetest, I feel so lucky to feel right at home even in a foreign country.

The other day we visited the University of Salamanca and I forgot to blog pictures from our tour… so here they are now! It was so beautiful and had so much history. The oldest classroom in the University had probably around 15 rows of long, thick wooden benches attached to long wooden desks that were so old they looked like hefty tree trunks. At the front of a classroom stood a podium straight out of Hogwarts… this professor definitely taught there at some point in his life:


The movie Eyes Wide Shut came to mind when we entered this particular room, which makes sense considering Salamanca is apparently a refuge for sexual deviants according to a local girl that Emily talked to. Seriously, though, I’m thinking some weird stuff definitely happened in this room:


Maybe it’s just the shade of red, but come on… can’t you see this guy sitting in one of those chairs? Creeped me out.


A story I’m working on discusses the history of Salamanca’s unique font, which after talking to an expert today may have connections to the occult. (cough, Eyes Wide Shut, cough) The style is unique to Salamanca and originated within the University. The first symbols and words were written in bull’s blood. Spooky, spooky!


A modern example of the font, not written in blood:


I am so intrigued by the mystery surrounding the University and can’t wait to learn more about it for my article. Fingers crossed that I’ll get some good sources tomorrow.


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Daniel Day Lewis as Bill the Butcher in “Gangs of New York”

I imagine bullfighting lessons are kind of like this scene from Gangs of New York.

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May 12, 2014 · 12:10 pm